2023 Cybersecurity Benchmark Report highlights changes with business and impact to cybersecurity across over seven industries.

The cybersecurity landscape evolves rapidly, challenging organizations to keep pace with emerging threats and sophisticated adversaries. Information security leaders respond by implementing cybersecurity controls in support of organizational policies and business objectives. To ensure the effectiveness of these measures, leaders must use repeatable and meaningful measurements to track cybersecurity performance over time – enabling near-real-time adjustment to strategies in the face of changing cyber risks and business outcomes.

This report, 2023 Annual Cybersecurity Performance Benchmark, provides an overview of the past 2023 calendar year looking at key trends, as reported by organizations using the TrustMAPP® Cybersecurity Performance Management platform. Using aggregated, anonymous data from TrustMAPP, we highlight areas of high and low maturity found in the results of customer control performance in 2023. This report also highlights top frameworks used to measure cybersecurity performance and identify cybersecurity control trends common to most organizations. Lastly, we conclude this Report with our forecast on the continued adoption of cybersecurity trends to help organizations better align their strategies with peers.

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