Do You Know What Your Ransomware Readiness Is?

The rise in ransomware has organizations looking for new approaches to defending against, and recovering from, ransomware attacks. In response, TrustMAPP has created a unique Ransomware Readiness Overview framework, organized around the lifecycle of a ransomware attack. Based on the widely-adopted NIST CSF framework, the new framework is designed to give organizations a simple and rapid overview of their readiness to handle an attack.

TrustMAPP is offering complimentary Ransomware Readiness Overviews to qualifying organizations, so they can see the power of the TrustMAPP cybersecurity performance management platform. With the complimentary assessment, you get: 

Risk Dashboard

High Level Board Analysis

Quickly show senior executives and board of directors where your organization stands.

Framework Cross-Map Overview

The TrustMAPP Ransomware Readiness framework is based entirely on the NIST CSF framework, so you can see how mature you already are with respect to the full set of CSF controls.

Remediation Recommendations & Budgets

TrustMAPP’s powerful recommendation engine is designed to drive decision support and prioritize cybersecurity investments. TrustMAPP provides more than 60,000 recommendations, with budgets,  to increase maturity for each control or process measured.

Ransomware Specific Framework

The TrustMAPP Ransomware Readiness framework is a short, 32-question subset of the well-established NIST CSF framework, organized around the stages of a ransomware attack. It uses a set of ransomware-readiness controls dictated by NIST Special Publication 1800-26, organized in accordance with the ransomware lifecycle per NIST Project Description "Data Integrity – Detecting and Responding to Ransomware and Other Destructive Events".

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